Our vision

We live in a society where it is important to organize solidarity around a growing number of disadvantaged or isolated people. The basis of the project was born with the idea of ​​providing a bed for people in difficulty and I was convinced that many people would have liked to help these people by accommodating them one night or a few nights so that they can regularize their situation.

The original reflection has therefore been extended day by day because this application will also be highly useful for a loss of temporary housing during natural disasters (flood, earthquake, fire, etc.) or following an accident of life (loss of employment, separation for example). Then the idea of ​​offering more than a bed came up.

Indeed, we live in a society of food waste. In order to reduce it, why not also offer food, because it is an essential element for life. The app will share this excess food to prevent it from being thrown away. This could also concern an artisan baker or a restaurateur, who could also have some unsold items to offer to the most disadvantaged people or to a neighbor.

Finally the idea of ​​a coffee came because the isolation of people in difficulty is a real evil recognized in our society. A person having a difficult time in their life may very well need to share a moment with someone.

This cafe is also a lever for getting to know each other, then perhaps offer a meal? And why not, after getting to know each other better during a meal, offer an unoccupied bed?

Regarding the main players such as associations, by contacting them to see their operating methods, we could see that most of them use social networks to find essential elements for life. Bed Food Coffee has therefore become in our minds the ideal tool that can simplify their lives and be more efficient.

Digital technology and our commitments: accessibility and ecology

This project could not be successful without commitments to accessibility to all our content and to the environment in order to minimize our impact on the environment and for it to be accessible by all.

Our work on ecology :

  • Our servers increase or decrease automatically depending on the number of users.
  • A check of the form fields is done on the server AND browser side to avoid sending requests to servers unnecessarily.
  • We have reduced user images to reduce bandwidth consumption.
  • A dynamic application managed when the application is opened by a call to the server (a few KB) in order to avoid frequent updating of the entire application (several MB).
  • The association is committed to reducing newsletter sending.
  • We advocate teleworking and videoconferencing in order to avoid travel as much as possible.

Regarding our work on accessibility, we strive to comply as best as possible with the recommendations of WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0), namely :

  • The difference in contrast between the background color and the writing color.
  • Respect for Alt Text tags.
  • Prioritize the levels of titles.
  • Use writing of sufficient size and legibility.
  • Limit animations and too frequent changes.
  • Form fields are easily accessible from the keyboard (tab key).

The 1901 law association: Bed Food Coffee

Bed Food Coffee is a non-profit association.

The association has received the confirmation of its request for tax rescript on 18/01/2022 by the General Directorate of Public Finance and can therefore issue certificates of donations giving right to a tax reduction.

Below is the list of its leaders, all volunteers:

  • The Secretary: Jack TREVES, Developer and entrepreneur - assistance on the choice of developments and advice on the project.
  • The Treasurer: Patrick GAILLET, Director of a retired health establishment and now Consular Judge - help with the legal part of the project.
  • The President: Baptiste GAILLET, Full-time developer in a public establishment - initiator of the project and developer of all Bed Food Coffee services in his spare time.

The association Bed Food coffee is classified in the fields of activities: charities, humanitarian, development aid, volunteer development, under the number RNA: W061015240.

Permanent link to the official journal available here: https://www.journal-officiel.gouv.fr/associations/detail-annonce/associations_b/20210027/43

Head office of the association : 65 chemin des gros buaux, 06800 Cagnes-sur-mer.

Help us

If you want to help us, do not hesitate to contact us using the form available on the page below :